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In honor of the quickly approaching Easter Sunday celebration this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to highlight and rank some of the greatest Easter player names in Major League Baseball history.

Some players on the list never reached the big club, but everyone listed here have played professional baseball for one of MLB’s organizations.

Names are plucked from everything “Easter” including symbols, traditions, common food, and the literally obvious.

There is no criteria for ranking these players based on stats or performance, as all decisions were solely based upon how Easter relevant their names are/were.

Sit back and enjoy, and feel free to add any other options in the comment thread after you’re done reading. Here we go:

20. Jack Spring
Spring was a pitcher for a number of teams over eight off-and-on seasons from 1955-1965. He retired with a 12-5 record and 4.26 ERA in 185 IP.

It is obvious as to why a man named “Spring” would crack this list, but the lack of creativity or uniqueness to his name leaves him at the bottom of the list.

Ryan Pope
Currently a minor league pitcher within the New York Yankees organization, Pope has logged nearly 400 IP in his professional career.

He is working hard to reach the big club in 2011 or 2012, but while his quality arm is climbing the ranks, his name is not–coming in at No. 19 on this list.

18. Bobby Wine
Wine was a major league Infielder for the Philadelphia Phillies and Montreal Expos from 1960-1972.

While the drink he is named after may also represent strong religious symbols, it is not solely a Christian or religious beverage–leaving him on the outside looking in at No. 18.

17. Lave Cross
Cross was a catcher and outfielder who spent most of his career in Philadelphia (both with the Athletics and Phillies) from 1887-1907.

No one needs much of an explanation as to why a “Cross” would end up on the list, but it was not enough to bump him up near the Top 10 of the list.

16. Eddie Priest
Eddie Priest has a very brief major league career, and he was able to log just six innings pitched with the Cincinnati Reds in 1998.

Another obvious choice for the best Easter name in MLB history, Priest falls into place at No. 16 here on my list.

15. Justin Christian
Christian, an outfielder known primarily for his speed, played in 24 games for the New York Yankees during the 2008 season.

Christianity is of course at the epicenter of the Easter Sunday celebration, so it was difficult for Justin not to end somewhere in the Top 20.

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