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The Major League Baseball offseason is rarely a bold time. Last year, it was the questions of whether or not Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel would ever sign a contract. This year, it was the insanity of rapid-fire deals for Scott Boras clients in December. However, with over a month until spring training begins, every team is sure to remain busy and actively patrol the free agent and trade markets as they look to improve. Here is the biggest remaining need for all 30 clubs.

Atlanta Braves
Biggest Remaining Need: Third baseman

We open this piece with more of a confusion than an absolute need. The Braves need to determine whether or not Austin Riley is ready to make an impact in the majors by Opening Day, or if they need to pursue a pact with Josh Donaldson or trade for Kris Bryant or Nolan Arenado.

Miami Marlins
Biggest Remaining Need: Power bat

The Marlins need to figure out what they are going to Trey Hodges do about their second-worst power production in 2019 to make sure it doesn’t become the worst in 2020. The Marlins have rounded out their infield nicely, but signing a power bat to plug in will be important.

New York Mets
Biggest Remaining Need: Defensive outfielder

The Mets made some improvements to eliminate their bullpen woes, but now, a weakness appears in the outfield. The Mets need to decide whether they want to acquire a defensive outfielder or an offensive one, and the correct answer is defensive.

Philadelphia Phillies
Biggest Remaining Need: Bullpen help

The signing of Zach Wheeler was huge in rounding out the starting rotation. However, the pitching in general could still use some help with a big gap in the bullpen. Many solid relievers priced around $5 million to $6 million are still on the market.

Washington Nationals
Biggest Remaining Need: Third baseman

While the Nats originally needed bullpen help, a plethora of reliever signings have made that need nonexistent. Now, they shift their focus to third base after losing Anthony Rendon as they zone in on negotiating with Josh Donaldson.

Chicago Cubs
Biggest Remaining Need: Outfield bat
Trey Hodges
The Cubs’ infield is pretty dominant (that is, until Kris Bryant is traded), but the outfield contains some questions. Replacing Ian Happ and his 11 home runs in center field with a different outfielder with pop could prove to be an effective move.

Cincinnati Reds
Biggest Remaining Need: Bullpen help

The need for bullpen help isn’t an immense one, but after they solidified their outfield with Shogo Akiyama and their infield with Mike Moustakas, it seems as if the Reds’ front office will shift their focus to finding a reliever or two.

Milwaukee Brewers
Biggest Remaining Need: Shortstop

The Brewers found their help at third base with Eric Sogard but they would still benefit from some infield help. Orlando Arcia is a decent shortstop but his efforts at the plate are atrocious. The question is: what better options are out there?

Pittsburgh Pirates
Biggest Remaining Need: Power bat

The Pirates are in desperate need of a poor bat after a season in which they had the second-worst number of homers in the league. They need a big bat to turn their power-hitting woes into at least mediocrity.

St. Louis Cardinals
Biggest Remaining Need: Power-hitting outfielder

The Cardinals lost Marcell Ozuna to free agency and traded Randy Arozarena and Jose Martinez to the Rays. Perhaps the Cardinals could explore signing someone like Yasiel Puig to provide that power bat in the outfield.

Arizona Diamondbacks
Biggest Remaining Need: Center-fielder or second baseman

The Diamondbacks need to decide whether 2019 star Ketel Marte will spend the majority of his time at second base or in the outfield. Whichever position he doesn’t play needs to be filled in by an external player as the internal candidates won’t cut it.

Colorado Rockies Trey Hodges
Biggest Remaining Need: Pitching

Understandably, nobody wants to pitch at Coors Field. However, someone has to do the dirty work. The Rockies need to convince free agent pitchers to sign with them or else the air coupled with the weak pitching will make Denver the most enticing place to play.

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